Installation series 2002-2006

Onlyyou - and there was nobody there, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 2005, Santiago de Chile

onlyyou: a portrait of the Other done in front of a mirror; or our reflection in a landscape supposedly of the Other.
onlyyou is a touring show changing form and perspective along its journey. The works, originally produced for Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sweden, are transformed or excluded responding to each new place. Accordingly, new work and new reflexions on the subject are also produced.

onlyyou – and there was nobody there at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Chile, is a space working with notions of presence-absence-represence.
The marble sculptures, since many years standing to the right of the museum’s entrance, are reordered in this space (signal importance is given to the reproduction of the Belvedere Apollo, canon piece of Western art since the 16th Century, regarded as the piece reaching greatest aesthetic perfection, until in the mid-20th Century it was established as a standard copy of a disappeared Hellenistic bronze original, causing a reappraisal of its aesthetic values).
Among these marble pieces, 32 carved stones are placed, ten of which were inscribed with the text DESMATERIALIZACIÓN [dematerialisation], ten with the text REMATERIALIZACIÓN [rematerialisation] and twelve without any text. These stones are leant upon or dropped on piles of plates.

At the height of an upraised fist, a bronze hand hangs from a yellow rope attached 25 metres up to the dome.
Two small vitrines display drawings made with the artist’s fingernail clippings.

Even though there is a first reading of the piece "as art" and as a commentary on language and culture, the fact that Capelán was one of the "disappeared" following the military coup of ’73 and was afterwards expelled from the country, and that he returns for the first time after 32 years, allows a second reading through the notions of dematerialisation-rematerialisation.

The project onlyyou in Chile was completed by an action at Metropolitana Gallery, onlyyou, and there was somebody there (or, 11,285 nights), and a photo show at the AtlánticaTransArt Foundation, onlyyou, dematerialisation, rematerialisation, immaterialisation.

During the three-day action at Metropolitana Gallery, open conversations were held on contemporary art, language and culture, and on the "disappeared" of the military dictatorship. Among those taking part in the conversations were Pascale Bonnefoy (author of a book on the National Stadium, which was used as a detention centre in 1973), and colleagues, neighbours, tarot-readers, palmists and former inmates of the stadium.

The exhibition at the AtlánticaTransArt Foundation consisted of a show of digital photos produced during Capelán’s stay in Chile.

 video: rematerialization    
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